Sunday, November 14, 2010


Mike and I were so privileged to go to this day spa for the second year with Sam Brocato and his wife Holly. Mike and Sam worked the whole time while Holly and I got pampered. We were lucky to have Mike's mom, Sheri, watch Remee for us. I was in much need for some R&R but I missed my little Booga (that's what I call Remee, don't know why).
This is the Chapel and Reception building they have on the Resort. It cost $250,000 to have your wedding up here and from what I learned, it was a place that Brad Pitt and Jennifer A. were thinking about back when they got married.
Those little buildings down there are where your rooms are and all the spa essentials are! This place is really in the middle of nowhere. It's so pretty and quiet.

This is the 'prison garb' as we called it. No need to pack anything but undies for this trip. You wear sweat and robes all day. Behind me is a windmill that they had brought in from Italy. No joke! They put the whole thing on a boat and plopped it in right there!
We had so much fun! And besides being at a spa, we also celebrated our 3 year anniversary while we were here. I say not bad for an anniversary get away!

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