Tuesday, November 30, 2010

America thanks you!

Mike came home last night from a business trip and shared this little story with me. On his Delta flight home from Texas there were 4 Soldiers who were coming home to Utah to see their families. All 4 of these Soldiers were sitting near the back of the plan. 3 people in first class gave up their seats for these Soldiers so that they could sit more comfortably. As for the last Soldier who did not get a first class seat? Well, I hope he/she still knows that we are thankful for what they do! Also, props to those people who gave up their seats. It made me think... would I do the same thing? I sure hope I would!

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Leesa H said...

Many people do this every day. Sometimes there are just not enough seats for them all!! It is a nice way to say "Thanks".