Friday, October 15, 2010

Seeing the Sights

Well, I was finally able to travel with Mike on one of his trips for work. It was fun just being with him, and a bonus was seeing all the sights along the way. Remee and I arrived in DC on Sunday night and spend all day Monday resting. It's big job traveling with a baby by yourself. Tuesday we got up early and travelled to the the city! Our first stop was the Holocaust Museum. There aren't any pics cause non were allowed, and I follow the rules. Then we just walked around seeing all the monuments, memorials, and statues along the way to the Natural History Museum. All the while we were hoping to run into Shia Lebouf, who was in town filming for Transformers 3. Unfortunately there were no start sightings, but we saw a tons of film equipment all over the place.
Here's America's boner, as my step-dad would say.
Hello Mr. Lincoln!
The Lincoln Memorial from far away.
The girls at Lincoln Memorial. You can see the Capitol Building way in the back!
We waved to President Obama. And yes, you are seeing right. This pic was taken at around 2:00 pm, and the sprinklers are on. Obama must not know about water conservation.
Finally, we stopped by the Air and Space Museum to pay a visit to my mom and step-dad's profession. Here I am with a flight attendant. Why are all of the statues really short? I swear I was like a foot taller than all of them, boy and girl.

We arrived safely to New York City, early Wednesday morning. This is the view from the hotel we stayed at in Soho. It was awesome. I was finally in New York.
Gary(a friends and co-worker of Mike's) took us around the city on a Gary's Night Tour. We took the Subway everywhere. Saw Central Park, Trump Tower, Lincoln Center, Time Square, Rockefeller, NBC studios, and a ton more. New York City is totally a different place a night.
Remee was fascinated by all of the lights. This pic was taken at the Rockefeller flags. She was on cloud 9.
Time Square! This is where it all happens. All the Broadway shows, New Years Eve celebrations, Good Morning America, and so much more. It was kinda surreal to stand there and think, 'I've seen this before on TV'.
We went to the top of the 30 Rockefeller Building. This is the Empire State Building with the bright lights.
There she is, "lady liberty" herself. So cool to be that close to her! To think that's what all the immigrants were welcomed by many years ago. What a cool way to say, "Welcome to America!"

I loved seeing "lady liberty". I thought she was going to be way bigger than she was. One of my favorite things to see.
This was the view of the city from the fairy. On the left is where the trade center buildings should be. Amazing to me that a few buildings could be that beautiful.
So the trip is over. I get one day to recoup and then we are off to Disneyland! Pretty sure October is the best month ever. So the story ends with sore feet, tons of laundry to do, and jet lag. See you next week!

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The Bowldens said...

i miss you guys so much! remrem looks so much like mike in those pictures!