Monday, August 2, 2010

Golf, Remee, and the dogs

First of all, I love this little girl. She is so dang cute I can't even stand it. And if you don't think she's cute I don't care, but something is wrong with you.

We saw this amazing movie. Seriously whoever wrote it is a genius. It really makes you think about your dreams in a totally different way. I will say, don't get a drink for this movie though cause if you have to leave to pee you will miss something that's really important and then you'll come back from peeing and you won't know what's going on. Then you'll have to ask whoever is sitting next to you (Mike in my case) and bug them about what you missed and then they will give you a short answer like 'they are on the third level' and you will reply 'what third level' and then that person will have to explain more, and in doing so while you are both talking you'll miss something else really important in the movie. So... please empty you bladder before the movie starts and don't drink anything for 2 hrs and 40 minutes!
Mike and I have been talking about getting a truck so we can finish up some projects around the house and not have to borrow everyone else's cars to get the jobs done. So... we bought our own. It's piece of crap but it runs great! It just doesn't look too pretty, that's why I didn't take a pic of the inside.
We have this pillow on our couch that I guess Remee is in love with. She snuggled up next to it and fell asleep. Don't worry I made sure she wasn't too close to smother herself!

We went golfing with my Dad at Hobble Creek. I of course didn't golf because I can hardly hit the ball and I was in charge of taking care of little Remee. She was so good. She actually fell asleep, which is hard to believe because it was hot outside and Mike's driving in that golf cart was just plain crazy. Who won.... my Dad! Way to go Steve-o!
The newest addition to our house is Delphi, Rachael and Kory's puppy. She is adorable! Here are the dogs playing in the yard. They love each other, well, I think Raven loves Delphi more but whatever! They just wrestle around and Delphi tugs at Raven's cheeks and ears!


The Bowldens said...

holy crap allie! rem looks JUST ;like you! that first picture is so freaking adorable!!!!!

Liz & Zac said...

Remee is ADORABLE! Can I come see you and her sometime? You look awesome by the way!

Leesa H said...

Oh I can't wait to see that adorable little girl!! Tell her Grandma loves her!

kory and rachael said...

hahaha, that picture of delphi is hilarious. and i wish i would have read your inception tip before we went. i had to pee sooooo bad but couldn't move because it was so intense!

Jami and Scott said...

I think Remee is stinkin' cute, so, I guess I'm not crazy :) Also, that is one sweet picture of Raven and Delphi. I miss dogs :( and so does Bayles.

SamanthaZ said...

Hi Allie, I found your blog from Kayla's. I just wanted to congratulate you! Your baby girl is perfect! Really, she is so beautiful and you look so happy. Congrats again :)