Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking News

So the breaking news is that I can finally fit into my jeans from before I was pregnant. Which I am so happy about because I really didn't want to have to buy all new jeans. So hip hip hooray!!!
I made pickles for the first time with my friend Trish, and they are amazing! So easy to make and so yummy!

My beautiful girl is a talker!!!

Raven loves Remee.
And with that I am off to Seattle and then Portland! So I'll be back with many pics and stories to share...I'm sure!!


The Bowldens said...

oh my gosh that video is ADORABLE!!!!!! i cant freaking wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!! it totally trips me out to see remee. she looks JUST like you!

Calee said...

1. CUTE new hair
2. only 2 months postpartum and your back in your jeans- yay to you, I should have kept nursing!
3. It looks like Remee has a best buddy already w/Raven:)

Kat said...

Have a great time! Remee is so cute.

Colton, Stacie, and Oaklee Mae said...

I am such a big freaking loser. Here it is 2 months after the birth of your adorable baby girl and I'm just now writing to you to tell you congrats, but CONGRATS! She is beautiful! And look at you, you look amazing! Back in your jeans already that is awesome! Hope you are feeling ok! Recovering can be a long process...
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