Friday, July 16, 2010

My girl at 6 weeks

I seriously can't believe 6 weeks ago I gave birth to this darling girl. I love her more and more everyday! So here are some things she does these days.

  • She loves her tummy time and can already do push ups. She's so freakin strong!

  • She is obsessed with her pacifier. I'm not kidding, she must have it in her mouth almost all day long.

  • She smiles a lot and giggles in her sleep.

  • She goes to bed at around 10:30 pm and sleeps about 7 hours, feeds and then sleeps another 3 hours.

  • Cries for only 3 reasons. Tired, hungry, or her pacifier fell out.

  • Loves car rides and they put her to sleep so easily.

She is just our little cutie and we love her so much!

1 comment:

Liz & Zac said...

She is so adorable Alli! I need to see her in person! How lucky are you to get such a content baby! She is beautiful.