Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pampering is important!

The last couple of days I have enjoyed doing just about nothing. I sleep in, take a long shower, then later have a nap, watch T.V., indulge on sipping ice water (yummy) or grape juice (also yummy), and then take a bath or shower before I retire to bed! Well, today I decided to finally venture out and get a much needed pedicure. Oh it was so enjoyable! Plus I found a new color from OPI that I am loving right now. I mean how could I resist painting my nails pink since I'm having a baby girl... although I must say if I was having a boy I think I still would have painted them pink.

OPI Pink Flamenco... isn't it so cute? Mike and I also went to see Iron Man 2 last night. So here's what I thought!

I LOVED it. There's nothing like a movie with Robert Downey Jr. (no I do not have a crush on him...I just think he is major, super, talented). This movie is what every super hero movie should be like, cheesy and unrealistic, but action packed and loaded with great one liners. I'd say a must see!


Leesa H said...

Pretty polish! I never saw the first Iron Man!! I need to get out more!

Liz & Zac said...

Oh how you need to cherish that time you can relax and do nothing because before you know it your child will be ripping all the dvd's off the shelf! haha, pedicures are the best when your prego especially cause you can barley reach your toes!