Friday, April 16, 2010

I officially win the biggest slacker award!

I know I have neglected my poor little blog for some time. I mean no pictures and no updates, how horrible am I? Well let me just start making excuses right now. First of all... I have a life people! Second... our computer (which sucks) has now decided that it doesn't like me even more than before and it refuses to let me upload pictures! Third... did I mention my computer sucks? So anyway, that picture I took of me being 8 months pregnant is patiently waiting to be uploaded on to our laptop, which I will get around to doing one of these days, again I have a life people. As for other things than pictures, all is well. I feel great! I have hit the nesting stage in my pregnancy where I want everything organized and clean and put away in it's proper place, and can I tell you how happy that makes someone who has a slight case of OCD? Let's just say I'm on cloud 9! Mike and I have been working in the yard quite a bit (that is when it doesn't decide to snow in the middle of Spring... stupid Utah) and next week we are getting grass! It sounds stupid to be excited about something like that but man I could throw a party, that's how excited I am. Only I would wait to throw that party until after our grass was in so we could have the party in the yard. *smile* I would even make lemonade! Mike has been out of town for most of April; flying around the USA teaching peeps about hair color, which has given me plenty of time to make lots of lists of little project to do around the house. I have been successful with finishing almost all of them. I'm pacing myself so that I have something to do the month of May other than relax and send happy thoughts to Remee about how great Earth is and how she should come out and see for herself. So that's life around these parts. Enjoy some movie reviews. Oh yeah about that. Not much time for movies these days... you know... since I have a life now!

This movie goes on my top 10 list! I laughed the whole time, almost to the point of crying. You must stay for all of the credits so you can see the outtakes. Also, why did it take so long to put these two in a movie together? Let's just say it's a match made in comedy heaven!
I'm undecided on whether to say this movie was great or just good. Cool action scenes and good cast, minus Zeus. People we are taking about Zeus!!! He should be a muscly, strong, deep voiced guy, and whatever his name that played him just fell way to short of those high expectations. Although I will say this... I have no idea who would play Zeus but the guy they chose was lame.

Dear Tim Burton,
I truly believe you have many loose screws in your head, but dang can you make a kick "A" movie.


Leesa H said...

I love your movie reviews!! Even though we never go to the movies, we at least know which ones to choose!

Calee said...

I thought you had a life before, what's different? Is it the nesting instinct talking?:)
Enjoy getting to the movies as much as you can now; it turns into a big deal when baby comes!