Saturday, December 12, 2009

What snow means to me...

I don't know who this person is but... not fun!

I must say that I HATE when it's really cold outside and there is no snow falling... what's the point in it being cold, well it was like that for a while. Now it is cold and snowy so you would think I would be happy. Yes I am happy that outside is covered in fresh white snow. But here are the things that snow means that maybe aren't so great. Can't we just have the best of both worlds for once?

Snow= scraping windows (Mike does this for me cause he loves me a lot), shoveling (Mike also does this for me because let's be real you think I can carry that much snow in a shovel... ha ha that's funny), horrible Utah drivers who think they need to go 2 miles an hour on every road whether is been plowed or not, snow plows = pot holes, realizing that you need new windshield wipers and 2 gallons of windshield wiper fluid because you have to use it after every car you get behind because of all the dirt they spray on your car, wet shoes... well now that I have uggs that's not much of a problem (in fact I think everyone in Utah needs them), the hardwood floor never looking shiny and beautiful because you have a dog with wet paws who doesn't understand the concept of wiping it's paws, and last but not least (drum role please) snowmen (which if you think about it shouldn't be a bad thing but I always want to make a really pretty one with all the accessories and then I'll see one down the street from us and it's huge and beautiful and I just give up!!!)

Well, that's that. I LOVE the snow... don't you? I love it so much I think I would like to move to Hawaii.


Leesa H said...

Aah...sunny Florida...another 80degee day! Come warm up!! Love you!

Calee said...

Hehe, I hope we never look like that with the snow blowing so hard it comes at you sideways!