Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Movie Reviews Are In!

Most of you know that I love movies. I could watch them all day long. Mike and I seriously see at least one new movie a week. So here are my reviews for the movies we have seen.

Hilarious. Even thinking about this movie makes me laugh. If you do see, make sure you leave before the credits. Just trust me on this!!!
Oh Shia LeBouf. I just love him. Any movie he is in I must see. This one was awesome. Action packed fun. Although... I really hate Megan Fox. I think you can tell why in the above picture. The word slut comes to mind.

Disappointed. I thought this movie would be really funny, but it was just a little funny. More crude then anything.

I love the Harry Potter movies. It's sad though because Harry started out being really cute and now he's just getting... well... not so cute if you know what i mean. That Ron though, he's a handsome guy. You know how I feel about redheads. This movie was not the best one yet but it was close. I loved all the magic and the love stories too.
I have only two words about this movie. REALLY STUPID!
So there you have it. These are not all the movies we have seen but just about. All in all, I'm still hoooked. I must see more movies. My next is definitely Julie&Julia. Cooking, Meryl Streep, and a movie all in one. Slam Dunk!


The Bowldens said...

if you say the last one sucked, i bet i would like it. lol
but i 100% agree on the hangover. i cant wait til it comes out!!!

--------rachael (and kory)-------- said...

Haha, that is funny. I enjoyed the review that mentioned about how you feel about redheads. I was like, what? really? oh yeah..Mike. I feel like I have my own movie critics to go to before we see something.

Ande said...

I think julie and julia is going to be great. :)