Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More movie reviews!

uhh... I really liked this movie. I mean, I really LOVED this movie. Zooey Dechanel is gorgeous. The story was funny, sad, and made me angry at times but all in all I loved it.

P.S. the soundtrack is amazing!!! It's a must have.

I thought I would cry but didn't. Well... ok I did just once but it was so good. Sad, yes, but so good. I mean who doesn't love to watch a love movie... other than boys.

This movie is just adorable. It made me want to eat, cook, and go to France. Meryl Streep is a genius.


The Bowldens said...

i am so jealous! those are all the movies i wish i could go see.... oh to be free of kids and see all the movies i wanted again!

Kat said...

I'm going to go check these out. It was fun to see you tonight... as always!!

Calee said...

I started to read the Time Traveler's Wife but abandoned it so I don't think I'll see that one but I need to see 500 Days of Summer!
I love that you do movie reviews on your blog- going to the movies used to be the thing we did EVERY single weekend. :)

Linda said...

Allison you must call me when you go to all these movies. I would happily be the third wheel with you and your hubby.

Amy said...

I absolutely love it that you do movie reviews. I trust your opinion over any of the newspapers!!! Tell Mike we say Hi!