Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yucky Tummy

Today was just one of those days that your tummy just does not agree with you at all. I felt sick this morning, and thought that if I ate something mild it would help. No. I had an apple and that didn't work, so I drank some Sprite, still no luck. Then I had some soup, not any better. So I have just decided that maybe there wasn't anything to make it better. My stomach just didn't want to agree with me. It's funny; stomach aches. When you start to get one your first thought is 'what did I eat that upset it? Did I try anything new that maybe set it off? what can I eat to make me feel better (like eating something is somehow going to make it all peachy again)?' In my case I can't think of a single reason why I have one. There was not a thing I ate previously that would have made me not feel good, but here I am sitting here with a tummy ache.


Calee said...

Is it too soon to be pregnant again already?

Cable Car Couture said...

Have you tried mint tea? Mint and ginger are great for calming an upset stomach.