Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I know...

I'm pathetic, I know, when it comes to blogging. I feel like my life is just plain old ordinary. Nothing real exciting happens so what the heck and I supposed to blog about? Well, still nothing really to blog about today but I thought I would just write some things down on what's happening anyway... you know, for the relatives that read this because they never hear from me. We all know I'm not a huge phone person. So here's the down low. And yes i will worn you ahead of time, this might be a long read.
Our basement is almost finished being renovated. Man, I still feel like we just bought this house and already I can't believe we have owned it since January. When you do all the work yourself it takes some serious time. At least it really feels like home! I think Raven really loves being outside. She just wonders around and says hello to all of our neighbors. I had one of them come up to me and tell me Raven visited him the other day for about a half an hour. Uh...I'm thinking... great, we don't watch our dog! Ha ha at least she doesn't play in the road. She is such a sweet doggy. I really love her like she's my little only baby. I talk to her like she is one.
Work is going really well. I love it, which is awesome. Going to work is fun and I don't ever feel like eeww I so don't want to go! Maybe every blue moon like when I'm having a really bad day, or Aunt Flo has come to visit. I love all the girls I work with and I truly feel so lucky! We've been having a little issue with people stealing though and it just makes me so mad. What the heck is wrong with these people who think that they can just steal something and no one will notice. Gosh I would feel like I was being haunted everyday with just the thought of that piece of clothing sitting in my closet. Guilt, not fun! So if you know someone who steals...hit them for me!
Sunny weather has once again brought us to our Scooter rides. We don't get to very often because we are letting my little brother borrow it for the summer, but when we really have the urge we just ask him to drop it off and we get a turn! It's so nice to feel the warm sun on your back and the wind blowing through your hair. I only wish Raven could come with us. Ha ha, wouldn't that be a sight?
I really miss my sister when the weather is nice. I know that's weird but I feel like when it's nice outside I want to go on hikes or walks or sit outside and drink lemonade, and I would love to have my sister by my side. We could just sit on the porch and watch Kylee run around with Raven and Luke trying to catch up behind them. I also really miss Disneyland and my family out in California. Nice weather is hard to have when you don't have the beach or a pool just minutes away. I miss sitting in Momo and Popo's house and listening to the birds, and to my Popo's stories which last for hours. He has a story about almost everything you could think of. Then the faint sound of 50's music playing in the background. Oh the memories I have with them.
Mike and I are so happy right now. We are doing so well and yes, we still love each other. I get so sad when I hear about these short marriages and I think to myself...I've been with Mike for 3 years and still love him more everyday. We are really trying to be patient about having a baby. You know it's funny how time really calms you. I find myself now, almost 8 months of trying, not really caring if it happens or not. Yes we are still trying but I feel so comfortable with Mike that if it doesn't happen for a while I will be fine because I have him to care for! The other day I had a really cool experience at the hospital. I'm fine don't worry. I went in for a test called and HSG test or a hystero test. What they do is (MEN DO NOT READ ON) stick a catheter up your va jay jay and shoot up this contrast solution to see if there's any blockage in your fallopian tubes. Now while this is going on you watch a screen that shows you the moving pictures that the x-ray machine is taking. I'm laying there, completely uncomfortable, watching the screen while the doctor is talking to me. He was very nice, asked me if I was ok and all. I watched this dark grey fluid fill up my uterus and then flow into my fallopian tubes, well my left one anyway. The doctor said there might be some blockage in my right side so he moved that catheter around then shot some more fluid in the right side and tada it opened up. Now I don't know about all of you but I am fascinated with the human body. It must have taken Heavenly Father some serious thought to figure our bodies out. They are so complex, and I find it truly amazing. We are so blessed to have such smart bodies. They just do what they do without us having to think about it. Before the procedure started I was able to watch just my insides on the monitor. I could see my bowls moving around and my bones out there in the distance. It really was so cool! I would say you should get it done but I'm not going to lie it was uncomfortable!
All in all, everything is just fine and dandy! We are doing great and having fun! I miss talking with all of you, seriously all of you. I'm glad that we blog so I can at least stay in touch. Love you all.


Liz said...

Im so glad you went and got that test done. And the fact that it broke through some blockage is amazing! I hope you get pregnant soon. I know the frustrating feeling of not being able to. Hang in there.

The Bowldens said...

i am in the same boat about the nice weather. whenever its nice i miss you so much! i wish we could do those things. infact, i was talking to rhett about coming out sometime this summer cos i really miss you guys. i am so lonely all by myself out here. the bowlden family (not us, but the other ones) are so busy and i feel like i never see them. why cant you move out here? or stay for a month?

Jami and Scott said...

I'm excited to see your house and maybe ride your scooter if you'll let me :)