Saturday, November 22, 2008

I was tagged again!

So my sister tagged me again! She always gets me by saying at the end that she tags anyone who reads her blog. That's stupid. Anyway, I have to go to the 4th folder of my pics and post the 4th picture and then do the same in my 6th folder. Enjoy the random pictures.
This picture is of my brother-in-law, Scott, and my nephew Bayles. Isn't he cute? I mean Bayles of course.

Who new my two nephews would miraculously be in those folders? This is a pic of Luke. Mike thought is would be funny to give him a can of beer from my grandparents house so he could take a funny picture. I don't think it's that funny but whatever.

I don't tag anyone cause I'm nice and let's admit it, no one likes to do these things anyway.

1 comment:

The Bowldens said...

rhett says thats white trash! i still think its funny! lol