Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love my puppy, however, she has a serious problem. She chews up everything! The list includes...The Book of Mormon, computer cords, picture frames, curtains, bags, my gorgeously green book, and many more. I googled what I should do and basically it told me that I can't lock up my dog because that's cruel, I shouldn't leave her tied up outside because that's mean, and that I should be with her at all times. Give me a break. I have a life and a job! So, then I read that I should lay everything on the ground that she shouldn't chew up and if she goes to chew on it, scold her. Problem is...I did that, and she didn't care about any of it. Just walked around it like it was no big thing. The second I leave the house to go to work she destroys everything. So Mike and I hid everything that was in doggy reach, and somehow she finds something else to get. I don't get it. I give her all these toys to play with and she doesn't want those, she wants to forbidden things. I'm at a loss! If any of you have a sista out! I mean is this face not scary enough?


Bobbilynn said...

hahaha that face is scary! I don't know why it's not working. good luck

Angie said...

if I were raven i would take that face seriously! If you have an enclosed yard I don't think it's cruel to leave her out there to play while you're at work. You can buy these 10-15 foot cords that you tie to a stake in the ground and then she has a 20-30 foot circle to play in. That's what my family did. Actually our lab was an outside dog... she would have been too destructive indoors!

The Bowldens said...

i have learned that when dogs chew its a sign of boredom. try getting her out and about a little more often.