Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calling all you brave ones!

So, I have finally convinced Mike that he needs to make a portfolio of his wonderful work. SO here I am asking for all of your help. Mike needs some models that have striking know who you are, and people who are willing to do some maybe drastic things to your hair. Now we all know Mike isn't going to make you ugly or chop off all of your beautiful locks, but you must be willing to take the risk that it might not be your simple brown bob. So let me know if you are interested or if anyone you know might be. Thanks, XOXO


---------rachael and kory--------- said...

no striking features here but if you get desperate I wanna dye my hair again and need a trim. ;)

sarah marie. said...

thank you for your nice comment! i actually talked to the other partner of your salon and ended up going to haven instead. unfortunately it just takes forever to build a clientele. not giving up though..

The Bowldens said...

i wish i could do it... but i dont have "striking features". lol