Friday, August 22, 2008

An Adventure In The Subway

Once upon a time there was a married couple named Mike and Allie, who were invited to take a beautiful hike in a far away land. They packed their bags and headed for the road for a trip that would never be forgotten. The hike was to begin the next morning. They awoke with sleepy eyes and tired bodies from the long road trip the night before, but they, more than anything, were excited for the unforgettable walk that was soon to come. The trail began in Zions National Park. The air was still and hot, and the ground was soft with sand. Mike and Allie began their hike to The Subway.
Up hills and down rocks, they walked and climbed their way to the beautiful water they would finally reach. A frigid pool awaited for them to swim across and continue their hike.

After hours, seriously hours, they had reached The Subway. The famous heart shaped pool, and clear, cold water was more than words could describe. They were surrounded by unbelievable beauty.
The end of the hike was coming near. Mike and Allie's muscles were sore and tired, and just before they were about to give up.... da da da!!!!! They had to hike up this enormous mountain! This was no walking matter. The mountain was steep and dusty and they hot wind began to blow. With ever three steps they would stop to rest with not much breath left in their lungs. Soon...eureka! The top of the mountain and the end of the hike. The moral of the story is to never ever hike The Subway. Unless that is that you are crazy or some sort of marathon runner who can handle extreme exhaustion, dehydration, and intense muscle spasms. Just don't do it. Take my word for it. The pictures are all you need. This is me after the hike. As you can see I wasn't happy. This picture perfectly describes how I felt at the end of that hike.


Bobbilynn said...

AHAHAHAHA. That's a good bedtime story. Maybe I'll tell it to Miley tomorrow night.

ps I could totally hear you telling it to me, you're such a good storyteller!

Caleb and Shae said...

You have wonderful story telling abilities Allie! Those pictures are beautiful!

Angie said...

Gorgeous pictures, I'm sorry it wasn't a great experience! It was kind of humorous though, i'm not going to lie. I've heard the Subway is cool, but the person who told me hiked it in April, not August. I bet it was HOT! Glad you made it out alive. :)

Zac & Liz said...

I laughed so hard at your story, way to be troopers and stick it out to the end. I agree with Bobbi, you are a great story teller!

The Bowldens said...

thats awesome allie. i loved seeing those pix. you look amazing!!!