Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Scary Story!

So here we are in our new apartment thinking life is good. I mean it's not the nicest place in the world, but it will work for a little bit. OK sorry I have to back up a little. When Mike and I first were looking for a place to rent it was a little hard because we have our wonderful dog. Apparently people don't like pets around here, cause everyone said no to us living with a dog in their place. Well we narrowed it down to two places. One was pretty pricey and the people at the front desk weren't very nice. The second was a good price and a fixer upper, if you know what I mean, but the people in the office were so nice and friendly. So we picked the place with the nice people. What a deception. Not even like 4 nights into living there Mike went to take the dog out in the morning and the cops were at our next door neighbors. That freaked us out a little bit. Then a couple of days later we are driving to the movie theater and right outside of our building are the cops, again. They had just busted like 15 illegals and they were all lined up against the building staring at us. Then just today, to top it all off, I go outside to take Raven out and there are the cops again right next door. He called me over and asked how long the neighbors had been screaming at each other. To be honest I didn't hear them but whatever. He then went on to explain that I need to be safe and careful in this neighborhood because it's not safe. That there are a lot of gang members that live here and other bad people. I should go and buy some pepper spray and never walk alone at night and to always keep my door locked, and just went on and on about it. This just got me really scared. I said thank you and I went right inside and just started to cry. I can't believe that we would move to a place like this. What the hell is wrong with us? So, Mike is going into the office tomorrow and demanding that we get our money back and that we are moving. Cause I'll tell you what, I don't want to die at the age of 21!


Bobbilynn said...

YAY! I fixed it! We can now comment on your blog! This is great. I hope you can find a safer place to live. There's apartments in my ward that are available for rent. let me know if you want their numbers

Mike and Katie said...

Allie!!! I was so excited to find your blog from bobbi's! I haven't seen your wedding pics and I just have to say how cute you and Mike look. I love the veil that your mom made. Hope your apartment problem goes ok.

Stacie, Colton, and Oaklee said...

allie! I had no idea you had a blog! Im excited!!! sorry about your scary appartment, I'm sure you'll get it figured out. Your "baby" is adorable by the way!
Keep in touch,
love you!